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 (The Unlimited Fitness Foundation) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization aiding Veterans' restoration through boxing, fitness and nutrition support


West La VA

Tuesday 11 am

Wednesday 4 pm

Sunday 1pm

Outside behind Building 217

Trinity boxing Club LA

Saturday 1:30pm   


Call or text Jeff 310/721/5704 with any questions or for location details.

All skill levels welcome

Our Mission


Serving  veterans in the greater Los Angeles area, TUFF (The Unlimited Fitness Foundation) — a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization) — provides free, structured, professional boxing, fitness, wellness and nutrition Programs to help Veterans. 

Abundant scientific research reveals that physical fitness and nutrition are catalysts for restorative change. Additional research relevant to military Veterans reflects that like-minded peer support, teamwork, bonding and camaraderie are essential to healing. 

Boxing as does war, recalibrate a mans philosophies, his priorities, impulse, instinct and survival skills. Boxing, fitness and nutrition result in; increased energy and will activate awareness of hidden talents, make you stronger, more capable and a better processor of information. 

For over a decade, the TUFF Program has proven to be a powerful force that helps Veterans cope with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, anger, substance abuse and other combat-related consequences. TUFF helps veterans regain physical strength, confidence and mental stability as they learn valuable skills in fitness, boxing and nutrition. The TUFF Program works by teaching and motivating individuals in a safe, mutually respectful environment where comrades train together in their shared quest to heal and reintegrate into civilian life.

TUFF testimonials validate the effectiveness of this life-changing program for veterans. In addition to meriting the commendation of Eric Garcetti, Mayor, City of Los Angeles, California, the TUFF program earns credit from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System, Volunteers of America Greater Los Angeles, and Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, among others. 

TUFF receives no funding from any government or veteran organization. We are a grassroots, family run fitness and training facility. We bring a safe, stable healing place where Veterans can go to get fit and feel "at home" .

Our Challenge


"The Veterans TUFF aims to help courageously stepped up to serve our Country by volunteering for military service," says TUFF founder and professional fitness training Coach Jeff Dordick. "They returned proud but injured and traumatized — physically, mentally and emotionally. Many of these individuals are homeless, without family or a support system. As a preferred alternative to institutionalizing and over-medicating, TUFF teaches skills that help combat PTSD, depression, anxiety, anger, substance abuse and other combat-related issues." 

Jeff along with Roberta, daughter Eva and TUFF volunteers — pack up their fitness and boxing equipment and take the TUFF Training Program directly to Veterans. Working one-on-one and in groups at impromptu, temporarily available sites such as Veterans Administration in the Westside region of Los Angeles. The family opens their home for backyard boxing, weight training, crossfit gym to all veterans and their families.

"Veterans need healthy ways to improve their lives. says Jeff. “TUFFS goal is to devote 110 percent effort to help them on a full-time basis. But to do that — to give these Veterans the help they truly need the steadfast TUFF loyalty is absolute.  

TUFF fills the need for a safe permanent venue where vets can receive the free boxing training and nutrition support, peer support and military camaraderie that TUFF delivers. 


During the past decade, TUFF founder and coach Jeff Dordick, together with his partner Roberta Shorman, have been working hard to “pay back” to the men and women who put their lives on the line for our freedoms.

Working one-on-one with thousands of veterans and wounded warriors who served in Iraq, Afghanistan and Viet Nam, Jeff, Roberta and other TUFF Volunteers help these brave individuals by teaching them valuable skills in weight-lifting, boxing, fitness and nutrition promoting self-esteem.

As Jeff sees it, "I am extremely grateful for our U.S. freedoms, which we wouldn’t have if not for the oath to uphold the constitution and freedom of the United States, it is and honor and privilege to be of service to those courageous who volunteered for military service. 


We’re working to provide health and fitness programs that actually help Veterans in their quest for rehabilitation."

Jeff Dordick, founder of TUFF
(The Unlimited Fitness Foundation), a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization, aiding Veterans' restoration through boxing and fitness. 

​Roberta bolsters the effort with her expertise in nutrition and substance abuse counseling. "We have found that rather than over-medicating or institutionalizing veterans, the cardiovascular conditioning and focused mindset involved in boxing workouts — along with proper nutrition and counseling — helps overcome anger, sleeplessness and other PTSD-related health challenges," says Roberta, whose own father experienced serious mental health and substance abuse challenges related to his military service.

Roberta notes that many folks are unaware of how diet affects mood and capacity for resilience. "Add to that the fact that about 93 percent of the veterans we work with struggle with substance abuse issues. So there’s also a great deal of teaching and guidance involved in this work," she says. "We’re inspired by the results we see from teaching them these valuable skills. It's a transformative process and it feels really great to be able to help people in this way."

Roberta Shorman, Jeff Dordick and Eva Shorman
Our Team



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